League Concepts


Accounting Period
Each month a variety of accounting is done as military items are produced, technology researched, profits earned and maintenance fees paid.
Ally (Friend)
This means a friend. Allies and friends are when two groups have selected each other as friends.
Teams put a military item up for sale, and other teams can bid on the item.
A sector improvement that improves the amount of profit from investments and allows a greater total of investments to be made in a destination developed for commerce.
The capital is a destination, usually at the center of a square sector, which can develop all three types of resources.
Central Bank
A repository for all the money a group has, which can be withdrawn to any location.
This is the generic word for the various group types available in a league. Example Classes are: Clan, House, Pirate, Mercanery, North, South, Human, Orc, etc. (league specific)
The unit of measurement for money, profits from commerce and resource value of manufactured or bought military items.
This is a location which represents some amount of territory depending on the scale of the league. This could be a planet, a town or just an important objective and varries for each league.
An improvement that can increse production of military items and allows a greater total of investments to be made in a destination developed for military.
A battle flag signifies that a battle is to be fought at a location. Not all flagged sectors are pinned.
This is a non-friend. This is anything other than both groups selecting each other as friends. Even if one of the teams selects the other as a friend, they are still foes until the other group reciprocates.
Independent States
A computer controlled group that takes over for groups that have been removed from the league.
A list of the military items and other information about a group.
League Configuration
This refers to the list of things that are specific from league to league. Some aspects of TKZ, like technologies are the same for all leagues, but those specific to a league make up the league configuration. This is where things specific to a game are handled. (league specific)
Maintenance Fees
A variety of different things have maintenance fees. The three most common maintenance fees are for continuing effects of technologies, maintenance on destination improvements and maintenance on military items.
Mercaneries (Mercs)
This is a minor class that has a close relationship with one of the major classes. They earn money from their employer in return for their help in battle.
Minimum Players
Each class has a minimum number of players that a group must have before it is activated and placed on the map.
Open Market
This means buying something using the open market. The open market uses supply and demand to determine the price for a military item.
Overwhelming Attacks
Attacks which use extra troops beyond those that are pinned down that are broken off in a seperate attack against another target destination.
When two hostile forces are on the same sector they must fight. Pinning means that some of these forces cannot leave without retreating. Only forces in excess of double your opponent can move past a battle. The rest are "pinned" there until the battle is resolved.
Raiders are the other type of group which are smaller and start out with more technology. They tend to be groups of people who are not intent on conquest but living outside the laws of the established goverments, doing things their own way.
Units that fall below the activity requirement go on probation. A unit on probation is in danger of being removed from the league.
A rank is a title demonstrating the level of authority a member has in a team. Each rank has an associated security clearance that determines what authorities are given to a person of the associated rank. There can be multiple ranks that have the same security clearance.
Destination Improvements are damaged when they are taken over by force. This damage can be repaired for a price.
Research Lab
A destination improvement that improves the amount of technology research from investments and allows a greater total of investments into technology in a destination developed for technology.
Resource Value
This is the amount that the raw materials cost for a factory to produce an item. Factors like pins are calculated on this value. This will probably different than the price that would be paid for the item on the open market.
Rolling the Dice
This means the computer chose a random number to determine the outcome of a random event. No real dice are used or needed in TKZ. It's a reference to the old gaming days where dice and people were used instead of computers.
Using the automation to set a time and place for a combat.
Destination Improvement
An improvement is a facility on a destination that improves the effectiveness of that destination.
Security Clearance
A security clearance is a set of permissions that determine wether a player can or cannot take an action. A rank can only have one security clearance associated with it.
This means that smaller forces are allowed to play part of the battle. This is an alternative to single large scale battles.
Square / Sector
A square sector is a peice of the map where a major group was given a placement of all their destinations.
Supply and Demand
Every time someone perchases an item, the price for the remaining items goes up. There are also shortages of the most popular items,
Tech Points
This is the unit that measures how much technology you have researched. Each technology costs a certain amount of tech points to attain.
Technology Dependencies
Before you can research a technology there may be other technologies that are required first. These are known as dependencies. This is much like the technology trees in Age of Empires, Civilization, Warcraft II and many modern strategy games. You will always have to have Level 1 in a technology before you can study Level 2 of the same technology.
Technology Level
Each technology has 4 different levels of study for each technology. Each higher level is more effective than the one before it.
A Territory usually refers to a specific square sector owned by a specific group. It is sometimes used as a general reference to some amount of destinations.
Victory Conditions
The various ways that a team can win the entire league based on various strategies.
Victory Points
Various events reward or penalize a team, by affecting the number of victory points for a team. A team with enough victory points wins the game.