Following is a list of TKZ mailing lists for your use and amusement. Please keep on topic when using the mailing lists and send requests to be removed from a mailing list to with the name of the mailing list you want to removed from.

So to subscribe to the gripe mailing list, send a mail to and it works like that with all those listed, unless it says none- which are special lists.
Address to mail to subscribe tribes-sub@tkz.nettribes@tkz.netA StarSeige Tribes discussion group
Maill sent asDescription of mailing list
antitkz-sub@tkz.netantitkz@tkz.netThis is for those who hate the TKZ and want to coordinate with others who are like-minded. discussion of the game TKZ Heavy Gear 2
netmech-sub@tkz.netnetmech@tkz.netA kali netmech discussion group
mnetmech-sub@tkz.netmnetmech@tkz.netA MPlayer netmech discussion group
gripe-sub@tkz.netgripe@tkz.netA place for raw unbridled complaints
tkz2-sub@tkz.nettkz2@tkz.netA dicussion group for those interested in the current status of development on the new TKZ2 league automation system.
ladder-sub@tkz.netladder@tkz.netA discussion group for those interested in the current status of development on the new TKZ2 ladder automation system.
netmechlore-sub@tkz.netnetmechlore@tkz.netA place to exchange stories and to work on the new site added for placing stories.
mwc-sub@tkz.netmwc@tkz.netA place to coordinate for MWC, a mechwarrior online magazine.
idea-sub@tkz.netidea@tkz.netYou got an idea? Mail it to us!!
NONEnetmechstaffAn emaillist you can send to reach whoever is the current Kali netmech staff.