Welcome to Scruffy McGraw's Open Air Pub

Important TKZ Mercnet Pages
Team Application Form Fill this out for your group to join TKZ Mercnet
Team Pages Information on the groups in TKZ Mercnet.
RankingsSee how all the groups in the league are doing.
RulesSee how to play in the league
Battle ResultsSee who is losing and who is winning
Map ListingsThe Map in various formats, some done by hand and other's auto generated, great for tactical planning. Besides the graphics versions is a text listing of planet conditions.

"Where the forcefield is always on, and we are always open!"

Here at Scruffy's, we have a few simple rules that all patrons must abide by:
#1 - Check your weapons at the door please
#2 - If you are intent on robbing, killing, or beating someone, then please take it outside
#3 - All prices are non-negotiable, payment is expected in full at time of services rendered!!!
(No credit you freeloaders !!!)
Scruffy is out of the building right now, (probably out 'padding' the liquor bottles), but you can get to just about anywhere within TKZ Zone 3/Mercenary level of the ladder by chossing any of the following items in the pub above:
Just remember that you WILL need KALI for DOS, and the Game itself from Activision

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