The Goodwill Games

Due to the Special Nature of this event, players from all leagues and even those on the TKZ banned list are welcome. One of the purposes of the Good Will games is to have those in the clans and houses mixed all together on two teams. This will give those that are normally hated foes to fight on the same time for fun, which will result in combinations you would never see otherwise. The second focus is to attempt to break the previous record for the most people in a single combat of 118. I will be giving all groups in TKZ 100 points per person who shows and fights in the mockwar.

The war will take place on March 21st at 1 PST(4pm EST) on the *TKZ Mech HQ Kali server (server #581?). Count time will be done after a quick explanation and leader selection. If the server is unavailable, the backup server is GC Netmech II. Please come online with either TEAM1 or TEAM2 in front of your kali knick.

The Format

This scenario will not use mercs or freebooters. All interested in freebooting should simply join one of the two teams.
Less PlayersTonnage Maximum for smaller group
1 90
2 85
3 80
4 75
5-6 70
7-8 65
9-10 60
  1. As soon as groups are on the server, they must pick a results coordinator, the results coordinator from both sides is to IMMEDIATELY create a kali room called results.
  2. Once in the results room, the results coordinator are to do a count of total players for each alliance. As soon as this initial count is done, The results processors for each side start a running total of losses for all groups by including freebooter and merc costs[none for this scenario]. The allowable tonnage for each side is announced, using the chart above. There will be no further counts.

    Groups are expected to use ALL players involved in the counts and to rotate all of them equally regardless of skill.

  3. Now Leader can either just tell all their men to start drop rooms or can start sending their men, 2 at a time to drop rooms. Drop rooms should be named D1, D2 and so on. Both alliances should be sending their players as quickly as possible to the drop rooms. No excuses. No Delays!! ALL DROPS ARE 2 players versus 2 players in each drop with 1 regen(2 total mechs) per player.
  4. Once players get to their drop rooms they are to note who they are fighting and it is up to each player to choose what mech they are going to use, taking into account tonnage limits for the battle. Then the players drop on whatever battle server and do the fight. Remaining players from the larger group should wait all together in a single large room called 'drops' and hang out there and waiting for those returning from previous drops after sending in results.
  5. The current results coordinator must stay in the results room at all times. If a results coordinator must leave for any reason or wish to play, it is imperative that they find someone to take their place. Anyone in the league can be picked to be the results coordinator, even someone who is not in the battle, if that group trusts them.
  6. Whenever drops finish, the players go to the results room and state their results with both sides confirming them. If there are any problems, they are resolved immediately. For the drop, the players state what group they were from or fighting for and their losses. These losses are removed from the appropriate group. Please use the following format so that it is consistent and results can be processed more quickly. Remember to post LOSSES, NOT KILLS:

    Team 1 Player1/Player2/mech ton#1/mech ton#2/#losses1/#losses2 Team2 Player1/Player2/mech ton#1/mech ton#2/#losses1/#losses2

    For example
    CWV MavD/EagleOwl/75/80/2/2 HE Astrid/Luxor/80/80/2/1
    Then one member from each time confirmes that and then the pilots proceed to the 'drops' room to find another match.

    If the group they represent runs out of points, their losses are removed from another group in that alliance. It is the results processors choice what group they are removed from. At regular intervals the results processors must state their running totals to make sure that they both have the same totals losses for ALL group involved. Results processors must track both sides so that if there is an error, they can find the missing results.

  7. As soon as results are taken and the results processors state they are free to leave, players should go ahead and do another drop. Players should continue to do drops until they want to go home or the battle is over. Players from the smaller group go ahead and join the 'drops' rooms and drop with the two people that have been waiting the longest. There is a 30 minute time limit. If the match hits 30 minutes then the drop is over and any kills should be reported in results. If there were no kills on either side, go directly to the 'drops' room for matching with the next drop.
  8. The players continue to cycle through drops until one alliance runs out of points or the battle is declared to be over, like if the leaders from one alliance state they will retreat or if there is a decision to continue the battle on a later date. At that point the results coordinators verify that fact and take note of the time. All results are accepted and At that point the results coordinators verify that fact and take note of the time. All results are accepted and input for the next TEN MINUTES ONLY. Any results after that are NOT COUNTED. At this time, those in the 'drops' room should be notified that the battle is over.

    After the ten minutes, the results coordinators confirm totals one last time and then declare the final results.