Terra Firma: The Final Showdown

Another upcoming event will use the same format in a premade scenario. A clan strike force got through the IS defenses, destination EARTH. Two vailant houses must struggle against the combined might of both the mighty crusaders and stalwart wardens in the final showdown. Who will get bragging right? It's up to you to decide. The war will take place on April 4th at 1 PST(4pm EST) on the *TKZ Mech HQ Kali server (server #581?) If the server is unavailable, the backup server is GC Netmech II. Please come online with either HOUSE1 or HOUSE2 in you want to roleplay a house, WARD for wardens, CRUS for crusaders, MERCH for house mercs, MERCC for clan mercs and TKZ for freebooters. This will be done as a coordinated attack using the same format to the full extent. For the maximum success of this event, if you do not have a preference, please come as a freebooter.

The format used will be the same overall format as the Good Will Games with the following additions:

It will be a coordinated attack and will include a minimum player rule of 8 players per alliance. This should not be difficult with the expected attendence.