1/1/98 - TKZ plans to move in the future.

Now in addition to this original address, you can also find us at which is a forwarder. We have had a domain registered since about a month and half ago. TKZ will be moving to which is our domain. The move will probably be gradual, but we will keep the forwarder pointing to the most current address. TKZ gets TWO Kali Servers

TKZ Now has a Kali Server known as *TKZ Heavy Gear which is at IP so go on over and try it out.

TKZ Now has a second Kali Server known as *TKZ Mech HQ (formerly Mechwarrior HQ). A special thanks goes out to Tigershark for giving us control over his server. On behalf of all TKZ, I thank you for your contribution.

12/13 - Netmech Zone Auction

Update: The auction went on as planned and 11 new units were added to the netmech zone. A total of over 15 million points went to the groups giving up planets to make room and everyone had a great time.

The auction was a lot of fun for the 30 people who came. Below are the groups that made the bid, the amount per planet of the winning bid and the group that they made the bid for and the planets they gave up:
MG 880,000 points Clan Iron Jaguar Tantara, The Rock, Falleir, Pauldron, Jherico, Satellica
WC 990,000 points Merc Apocalyse Knights Rosepine
WC 820,000 points Merc Brotherhood Black Legion Payvand
FWL 860,000 points House Dominion Omagh, Lee, Cumbres, Ursula, Adelson
HE 920,000 points Merc Galaxy Defense Corporation Knife's Edge
JF 1,000,000 points Clan Excalibur Clarke, New Warsaw, Pleadise, Veros, Stablinus,Wayside
Comstar(RFR) 1,300,000 points Clan Gargoyle Mosiro, Amaris, Vite, Quarrayat, Cirque, RFR Weldon
WC 800,000 points Merc Templars Tikanov
Comstar 58,000 points Lords of Destiny Kimball III
JF 42,000 points Merc Shadow Warriors Lave
SY 52,000 points Merc Flame Union Tralee

I know a couple groups were kicking themselves for not getting there earlier, congrats to Comstar for making us all sweat til the last moment :)

12/13 C.C.P. Begins construction of the Heavy Gear Ladder Pages

Collision Course Productions has been given the contract to build the Ladder pages for TKZ's Heavy Gear Web Pages. With any luck they will get them done in time for the contest deadline (see the Heavy Gear pages at Activision's site for details.

Good luck to Androclese and Ash of Collision Course Productions!!!

12/13 TKZ Netmech Waiting List Auction

Now is your chance to join TKZ Netmech. TKZ Netmech Auction will be on GC Netmech at 10am PST on Saturday December 13th. Teams wishing to join need to fill out a team application. If you miss this opportunity, you'll have to wait until May for your next chance.

12/2 TKZ XvT Rules get makeover

The rules for TKZ XvT have been revamped to make strict accounting less of an isssue and to allow unlimited regens in battles. The

12/2 TKZ adds Team Application Form

TKZ has added a form where you can apply for your team to join any of the TKZ leauges at the Team Application Form.

10/15 TKZ XvT goes live with real points

After an unnecessary month delay at the hands of a hardware failure and a missing volunteer, the teams pulled together to finish the last needed task in two days time. It was great to see the Rebels, Imperials and Pirates pull together as a team to complete it. Good luck to the beginning teams.

9/24 A new missile boat is chosen for TKZ Mercnet after an extremely close vote

TKZ Mercnet will use the same rule used by NBT for missiles. This will make it easier for players who play in both leagues.

ON 9/27 New Rules Package goes into full affect.
Overview: Attacker and Defender both get regens and a battle tracker is provided to auto-calculate drop ratios and number of mechs.

Check out Netmech Battle Tracker and Mercnet Battle Tracker. and you can go ahead and test out the new rules. Check out the chatboards on both leagues for more information.

9/11 TKZ XvT are looking for mission designers!!

If you are interested in helping create missions for TKZ XvT then drop a line to Chairman Fitch.

9/11 TKZ Netmech,
TKZ Mercnet and
TKZ XvT all have announced tournaments!!

For more information check out zone 2.

8/29 TKZ Mercnet LIVE

The real points have been given out and the automation is live. The movement forms and results have been disabled to allow the groups to place their initial points before the onslaught begins.

8/27 - TKZ Netmech SUpport Page

We are putting up a support page with email links for easier time to figure out who to ask questions at the NETMECH support page.

8/24 TKZ XvT getting back on track!!

After a wait for more teams to join, the XvT is nearing the operational status, after a temporary hold was placed on the league. The league now has enough teams to press forward.

8/22 - House Steiner Takes Terra in TKZ Netmech

Dropships landed on the peaceful nuetral plannet of Terra. The few defenders on the planet were dispatched quickly. After months of being next to all the great houses, the sudden unprovoked attack was unexpected. Archon Killdare of House Stiener proclaimed these words, "This is a peacekeeping force in the name of the ISC." Wether House Steiner acted alone or wether it was a legitimate ISC manuever is unknown. Will the clans use this as an excuse to proclaim total large scale war against the ISC and all it's houses? The next 48 hours will spell that out. What the future holds is uncertain, but something is sure to happen. To those who joined this broadcast late. Let me repeat House Stiener has taken Terra! Peace is bad for the league, so this is welcome news to the TKZ Administration, even though the it is the one planet under direct Counil authority. The TKZ councilmembers stationed on the planet narrowly escaped the House Steiner Dreadnaught on their way to the rim, surviving to process results another day. :)

8/22 TKZ Mercnet Will be Up by the End of the Month!!

Today, much of the automation was ported For TKZ Mercnet ladder, since the map is now done. There is already a starmap imagemep that is functioning and the groups for TKZ Mercnet are now up for use instead of the TKZ Netmech groups for the test. Should be fully up by this weekend.

8/20 - TKZ Mercnet map updated and will be FULLY operational by the end of the month

The TKZ Mercnet zone has been updated with the new map with the groups that will actually be playing there. There will be a meeting on Mechwarrior HQ at 10am PST saturday 8/23 to discuss last minute issues before the zone goes fully operational right around labor day weekend.

8/18 - Loss of Esteemed Friend

I've known Rogue Wolverine for a long time and followed in his footsteps to wrestle with Dyang for the Khanship of the clan. He had left CWV with his loyal followers and established Clan Pendragon. He gave me support when I fought the hard fight to turn around the clan into one of the strongest in the registry, long before the GSL or TKZ were ever created. For a look at the clan he created, you can see the history of it's creation. Rogue had asked me to send him something to use for the history of what had happened in wolverine since he left, but he said he had more to write before he could include it. Sadly, it was never finished.

It is my sad duty to inform you that Rogue Wolverine finally succumbed to Cancer. He died August 14, 1997. For those that wish to send their condolences to Rogue's family, the email address is . Please continue the rally in support of the family he has left behind.

8/14 - The It's All Pauls Fault Contest

The netmech zone is having a contest to see who can come up with most the most creative thing to blame on Paul, the chairman for TKZ. Already some great entries have been made including such people as the TKZ vice chair. So check it out and make a post on the chatboard for any of the TKZ games.

8/5 - House Steiner gets the Bad Karma Award for Excellence

For the third straight month, a TKZ unit has received the Bad Karma award for excellence. Last month was Clan Fire Bear and the month before Clan Nova Cats. Congratulations for a well deserved award!!

8/5 - Dark Phoenix joins TKZ Mercnet

I'm very proud to announce a new member of the TKZ mercnet council:

Dark Phoenix

He's a real winner and in addition to continuing to run NBT with the help of his sister, he's going to be doing results processing and have his very own page, called The Dark Phoenix Tribune! I think it should be a lot of fun for him and a blast for the rest of us to read! Welcome to TKZ DP!

8/3 - House Jurai Punishment Modification

The former House Jurai warriors continued open defiance and denegration of the council. They were given a compromise, which I hope will put an end to their habitual complaining. They may wear split kali ID's including an HJ as long as they are a member of another TKZ group that is fighting. However, there will be no posts regarding House Jurai and any made will be subject to deletion. Let's hope that the other zones never contain such a group, for there will be never be such leniency every given to that level that allowed HJ to remain in the league as long as it did. Someday when I get the time we can have a "Defame Paul" contest for these continually disgruntled personages to see who can make the most evil, putrid venomous statement about him. Until then save your invectives for then.

8/2 - Netmech Zone Auction

This saturday, The netmech zone will have a planet auction where existing units will auction planets to wait room for about 8 waiting list units.

Update: The auction went on as planned and 7 new units were added to the netmech zone. A total of 1.1million points went to the groups giving up planets to make room and everyone had a great time.
The auction was a lot of fun for the 20 people who came. Below are the groups that made the bid, the amount per planet of the winning bid and the group that they made the bid for:
CBJ 11,000 points Clan Goliath Scorpian/Alien Race
SY 175,000 points Merc Vamp Sheep Brigade
SY 105,000 points House Sakaii Waku
CBJ 50,000 points Merc Black Talon
SY 13,000 points Merc Dark Lords of Sith
PH 105,000 points Merc Crimson Blades
WC 102,000 points Merc Knights of Xion

I know a couple groups were kicking themselves for not getting there earlier, congrats to SY for some great bid timing. :)

7/28 - XvT and Mercnet coming online

Today front ends are being put on display today for both leagues, so that they may start gathering teams. For more information, contact the league administrator. Please wait until after 8/1/97 to notify us of missing links.

7/19 - House Jurai Kicked out of TKZ

After causing problems for the ladder from the very beginning, House Jurai was finally kicked out from the entire TKZ. It was not the most flagrant violations that got the group kicked out, but they failed on their final chance. Many group leaders called the action long overdue, while others protested. House Jurai members in the netmech zone responded by slamming the council and especially TKZ ladder council, Paul and CBJ-Jackal.

As a result of being kicked out, no group in any TKZ may use the abbreviation HJ and no group may be called House Jurai. Also no warrior can wear a uniform containing an HJ in the kali ID during an official TKZ battle. Any warrior doing so will be permanently banned from TKZ. If you see a warrior doing this, only during official battles, you can report the offense, include a whois on kali to show the serial number and a kali log file so that it can be verified that this was done during a TKZ battle and send it to Paul.

6/17 - Lynxcat Causes Severe Sanctions:

Former Zone Council member lynxcat was temporarily suspended for three months after his indirect involvement with an abuse of power over a week ago. Now against clear and direct orders to cease and desist mailing the council regarding a dispute that was to be turned over to the RoE Commision, he persisted. He was then warned against further accusations against the fairness of the zonecouncil and persisted. He further issued threats and tried to intimidate the zone council. For your amusement and entertainment you can see the entire list of messages regarding this incident. The Lynx Chronicles. Lynxcat becomes the first person banned from TKZ.

5/25 - ZONE COUNCIL announces 1st TKZ Contest:

TERRA - In an interesting development here today, the ZONE COUNCIL announced a contest open to all Mechwarriors worldwide. In an open letter to all current tkz leaders, the council open the contest. It is the end of the truce of tukkayid and after 15 years of preparation, the war is about to start. From the perspective or a clan, house or merc warrior express your feelings in character. Winners for each category will receive 5000 points for their team. You need not be of the type of group you are writing about. Entries will be posted on the newsgroups. Votes from both newsgroups and TKZ members are encouraged and should be sent to. Send entries to ZONE COUNCIL . Deadline for entries is 12pm EST on 5/26. The group winners will be announced here on 5/27, and the overall winner will be announced here on 6/8. Check out the entries on Contest Entries

5/27 - tHe kILLIng zONe officially opened for business: