Team Application

Welcome to the TKZ1.5b reset.. Here you can submit your unit for the next round. Olease fill in the indoemation below. Once we have a substantial amount of units, then we will set a "start" date.

2. The FULL name for your group (Example: Deck of Cards):

3. The email list for all your leaders:

4. The email of the main leader for your group.

5. A location where we can grab your logo.

6. The location where your team webpage is.

7. The password for your group. PLEASE pick a good password that has nothing to do with your group, has at least one number in it and is 8 characters or longer. I also recommend avoiding beer references.
(Example: bogus8tun):

8. Select Which League(s) you are applying for. You may check all that apply:

9. What unit type is your group. THis would be house/clan/merc for netmech and mercnet, rebel/imperial/pirate for xvt, north/south/badlands for heavy gear. Note that we ask that you try and pick units from the heavy gear universe to improve the role-playing experience for everyone. Check out the heavy gear page for a list of units. (Example: clan):


If you have questions, please send mail to form maintainer.