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tHe kILLINg zONe - X-wing vs. Tie-fighter

This level of TKZ, is based upon the popular 'X-wing vs. Tie-Fighter' game from Lucas Arts. So whether you intend to be a Rebel, or an Imperial fighter, you will need a working version of the game, and a registered version of KALI in order to participate, and we HIGHLY recommend that you just spend the $$$ and buy the real thing. But, you CAN go to the appropriate places below, and download demo versions of all the necessary files:

Kali for DOS

Kali for Macintosh


XvT for DOS

XvT for Macintosh

you may also want to check out the XvT FAQ from Lucas Arts

If you are looking to start your own team for the TKZ XvT League, then just drop a line to the Bartender/League Chairman, Miklos Fitch. League play is set to begin play soon, and Miklos will be happy to inform you of all of the necessary steps/procedures that you need to go through in order to get set up.

If you are looking for a team to join, then check out the team pages.

Rebel Teams



or try the new Automated Team Pages http://tekka.wwa.com/~ash/territorymap_xvt.gif
Important TKZ XvT Pages
RankingsSee how all the groups in the league are doing.
RulesSee how to play in the league
Battle ResultsSee who is losing and who is winning
Tactical Map This is a smaller version for tactical planning on a large scale.
Mission Pack Download This is the special TKZ Missions for XvT
Map ListingsThe Map in various formats, some done by hand and other's auto generated, great for tactical planning. Besides the graphics versions is a text listing of planet conditions.
Team Application Form Fill this out for your group to join TKZ XvT
Mission Pack Download This is the special TKZ Missions for XvT


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